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“I have had the privilege of knowing and working both personally with Gaston and seeing him coach my son.  Gaston has a tremendous passion for and wealth of knowledge in the area of human performance optimization.  More importantly his head and heart are totally focused on those he partners with and their success whether professionally , academically or athletically is unquestionably his only goal."

Steve Patscot 

CEO, Board & CHRO Advisor, Speaker, Author, and Career Coach

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Gaston's coaching has had a profound impact on my golf game and my life.  He has taught me mental techniques and processes that are foundational to being able to play great golf and also find balance away from the golf course.  His coaching has helped me win an NCAA individual championship, finish low amateur at the US Open, and make it to the PGA Tour.  Any player wanting to achieve success and take their game to the next level should work with Gaston.

Scott Langley
PGA and Korn Ferry Tour


Kristy Langley

Founder and Owner of 

Maple Phoenix


"I met Gaston while he was working for my husband on the PGA Tour.  Little did I know the impact he would have on my life and personal growth.  He provided me with balance and perspective when it came to my husband's unique profession and how to cope with the rollercoaster and the “noise” around us.  He helped us as a family to be centered and grounded in our love for each other and what we do. 

After a few years of knowing Gaston, I shared with him how I had recently developed anxiety.  Besides my husband, he has been my rock.  Not only is he one of the smartest, informative people I know, he cares deeply. He has helped me by introducing me to so many helpful tools such as: meditation, diet, perspective, awareness and love.  We are honored to call him and his family dear friends of ours."

I always found it easy to work on the physical aspects of baseball like working out and hitting, but I never realized how much mental training could have an impact on my performance until I began training with Gaston. He has helped me become more confident than I ever have been on and off the field. In all sports there are ups and downs and Gaston's coaching has allowed me to be able to control my thoughts and emotions to keep my streaks long and slumps short. Working with him and his team will allow you to unlock your full potential and reach your goals!

Adrian Martinez

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"Gaston's influence on my life and my approach to golf has been amazing.  He has helped me understand the concepts of how our mind and body work to a scientific level where I am able to apply it under any circumstance improving my performance.  This, by far, has changed me in ways I never knew existed.  I am dearly grateful for the coaching he provides me, and even more thankful for the close friendship we've created over the years." 

Sebastian Maclean
Prior member of the PGA Tour
Latinoamerica and Tour

Founder of the "Hablemos Golf" Podcast

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